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Part of speech: Verb

Origin: Late Middle English, 12th to 14th century


Refer to in speaking or writing.

Examples of Advert in a sentence

"My brother awkwardly adverted to Mom’s new boyfriend in front of our dad."

"The car’s previous owner did not advert to the vehicle’s history of accidents and repairs."

About Advert

The basis of “advert” is the Latin “advertere,” meaning to direct one’s senses or attention, but the word itself draws directly on the Middle French “avertir,” which meant “to take note of.” Initially, “advert” meant “turn one’s attention to,” but later it broadened to mean “to bring to another person’s attention.” It is the root of modern “advertising,” of which the goal is to capture the audience’s attention.

Did you Know?

The British use “advert” as a shortened slang noun for “advertisement,” but the word’s history extends 400 years before that usage. At its beginning, the term (similar to “divert”) meant “to turn one’s attention toward.” Over time this definition evolved to mean “making reference to a subject in speech or writing.”

illustration Advert

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