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Tuesday, August 6



Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin


An eager readiness


A cheerful willingness

Examples of Alacrity in a sentence

"He may not be the most talented member of our team, but his alacrity makes him very easy to work with."

"The alacrity with which the class responded to the exam was suspicious given their usual sense of despair."

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About Alacrity

Volunteering with alacrity has been shown to have surprising benefits — and not just for the recipients of kind works. The act of voluntary service has been shown to increase self-esteem, combat depression, and even lower the mortality rate in volunteers.

Did you Know?

Alacrity derives from the Latin word alacer, which means "lively." It denotes physical quickness coupled with eagerness or enthusiasm. It shares the same roots as the word allegro, which describes music meant to be performed at a brisk and lively tempo.

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