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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Italian, 18th century


Done or eaten in the open air.

Examples of Alfresco in a sentence

"We enjoyed a delightful alfresco supper at the end of our hike."

"For alfresco nightlife, you might consider one of the party boats on the river."

About Alfresco

“Alfresco” is based on the Italian “al fresco,” meaning “in the cool” (implying outdoors).

Did you Know?

“Alfresco” is taken directly from an Italian phrase that means “in the cool outdoor air.” However, the phrase translates literally to just “in the cool.” As a result, Italian also developed related terms. For example, “a fresco” describes a technique of painting murals on fresh plaster when it is still cool. From this comes the artistic term “fresco,” which describes a painting on fresh plaster into which the colors are absorbed as the plaster dries.

illustration Alfresco

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