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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 15th century


An opening or hole


In photography, the opening in a lens that admits light into a camera

Examples of Aperture in a sentence

"The aperture of the cave was so small he had to crawl on his stomach to enter."

"Learning about aperture and its relationship to lighting is one of the basics of photography."

About Aperture

With the ease of digital photography, you don’t have to be an expert to take some good shots, but you’ll greatly improve your artistic abilities if you learn the basics of camera technology. Aperture is the opening in the lens that lets in light and thus affects every photograph you take, digital or manual. Depending on the size of your aperture, the light will change the appearance of your photograph.

Did you Know?

Aperture can be used to describe any type of opening, but it is most recognizable in relation to photography. We could get into a detailed and technical explanation of light, shutter speed, and focal points, but you can take a class for that. Just remember this: a large aperture will yield a shallow depth of field, while a small aperture will result in a wide depth of field.

illustration Aperture

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