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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Late Latin, 17th century


Enraged to the point of fury


Relating to the causes of or denoting a stroke (apoplexy)


Likely to cause a stroke

Examples of Apoplectic in a sentence

"Dave was apoplectic when he realized I'd been stealing his lunches for the last two years."

"I was worried when I discovered that my new patient was prone to becoming apoplectic."

About Apoplectic

One of entertainment's most endearing and long-enduring characters known for being apoplectic is Donald Duck. His signature reaction was to become so angry as to squawk unintelligibly, with his normally white-feathered face turning a deep shade of red.

Did you Know?

Most of those familiar with the word apoplectic recognize it as a word to describe a state of intense rage, but its roots come from a medical diagnosis based on likelihood of a stroke.

illustration Apoplectic

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