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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Ancient Greek


The best point in something's development


A perfect example


The act of raising someone to a divine level

Examples of Apotheosis in a sentence

"Her work with lab rats is the apotheosis of cancer research in the scientific community."

"He is the apotheosis of kindness, treating everyone with dignity and respect."

About Apotheosis

Maybe your apotheosis, or perfect example, of an apple is green rather than red. According to legend, the popular Granny Smith green apple was first discovered in Australia in 1896 by a woman named Maria Ann Smith, or — you guessed it — Granny Smith.

Did you Know?

Apotheosis can be used to describe the act of exalting a person or thing to godlike status. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this word was originated by the ancient Greeks.

illustration Apotheosis

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