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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, 17th century


To bask in the sun, or to expose to the sun

Examples of Apricate in a sentence

"I planned my vacation so that I could apricate on the beach all day."

"My neighbor finds it relaxing to apricate on his porch roof."

About Apricate

“Apricate” is drawn directly from the Latin “aprīcāt” meaning “to bask in the sun.”

Did you Know?

Cats like to apricate more than nearly any other animal, and with good reason: modern cats’ ancestors lived in the desert and were exposed to ample sun. Another reason cats are happy to apricate in all seasons is that basking in the sun makes it easier for them to sleep. Cats’ body temperatures fluctuate when they’re asleep, but lying in the sun helps keep their temperatures stable.

illustration Apricate

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