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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, mid-17th century


Relating to or resembling trees


Inhabiting trees

Examples of Arboreal in a sentence

"The holiday season usually starts with a visit to an arboreal paradise: the Christmas tree farm."

"All of the arboreal species were relocated to the zoo's new lush rainforest habitat."

About Arboreal

How many types of trees can you name? The adjective arboreal can be used to identify trees of the leafy, green variety, but it can also be used for anything resembling the branches of a tree. While it doesn’t have the same poetry as "arboreal," "branchy" is a good synonym for it. A branched coat rack, your chandelier, or your genealogical report could be positively arboreal.

Did you Know?

The root of arboreal is the Latin word for tree, "arbor." You’ll recognize it as the English word for an alcove of trees in a garden, but the Latin word is the base for many other tree-related words. More adjectives include "arboraceous," "arborical," and "arborous." And of course, we can’t forget the arboretum in the botanical gardens.

illustration Arboreal

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