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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Greek, 18th century


Not occurring simultaneously


(In digital communication) Having many operations that are not coordinated by a centralized clock or timing system

Examples of Asynchronous in a sentence

"Our asynchronous class schedule means that I’ll never get to have lunch with my boyfriend this semester. "

"He discovered the problem with the computer program was in the setup of the asynchronous system. "

About Asynchronous

The next time you notice that the street lights are out of sync, you'll have a new adjective to use. Call anything that is not lined up, or not occurring at exactly the same time, asynchronous.

Did you Know?

Synchronous is probably a familiar word, so don’t let the “A” prefix confuse you. When “A” is added before a consonant, it can mean not or without. So asynchronous is quite simply, not synchronous.

illustration Asynchronous

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