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Tuesday, September 21



Part of speech: verb

Origin: Old French, time period unknown


(humorous) Work as a butler.

Examples of Buttle in a sentence

"Niles buttled for the whole Sheffield family in the TV show “The Nanny.”"

"It’s not as common to see someone buttle as it was in centuries past."

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About Buttle

“Buttle” comes from the Old French “boteille” and later the Old French “butiller,” meaning “butler” or “officer in charge of wine.”

Did you Know?

There’s no way around it: “buttle” is a funny-sounding word! Since it’s not part of American vernacular, people tend to use it facetiously. But knowing the word “buttle” can really up your game — in Scrabble, it’s worth 8 points, and in Words With Friends, it’s worth 11 points.

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