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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


(Of song or speech) Melodious or resonant.

Examples of Canorous in a sentence

"My father sang along with the radio in a canorous baritone."

"Consuela prefers falling asleep to a podcast of a man reading a story in a canorous voice."

About Canorous

“Canorous” is based on the Latin “canorus,” meaning “melodious.” Its root is “canere,” meaning “sing.”

Did you Know?

When a human voice is described as canorous, the melodious quality is created by the larynx, which determines aspects of vocal sound such as tone and timbre. Other parts of the mouth and throat come into play as well; the tongue and lips naturally affect vocal sounds, as do the teeth and the position of the jaw. But the larynx in particular is what decides whether a voice is high and reedy, low and rumbling, or somewhere in between. A singer learns to relax their larynx in order to make their voice as canorous as possible.

illustration Canorous

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