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Wednesday, November 18



Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, mid 19th century


A selection of passages from an author or authors, designed to help in learning a language.

Examples of Chrestomathy in a sentence

"Ryan relied on his elementary Korean skills to read the chrestomathy."

"Test your new language skills by attempting to read a chrestomathy."

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About Chrestomathy

Chrestomathy can be traced back to the Greek words "khrēstos," which means "useful," and "matheia," which means "learning."

Did you Know?

Fantasy author Diana Wynne Jones is well known for her series of books featuring Chrestomanci, a charming and magical man with nine lives. His name translates to useful divination, which is a bit more magical than a "chrestomathy," or a useful tool for learning.

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