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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 16th century


Flowing around; surrounding.

Examples of Circumfluent in a sentence

"At the top of the mountain, the circumfluent air is cold and clean."

"The circumfluent waters around the boat were calm."

About Circumfluent

“Circumfluent” was drawn directly from the Latin verb “circumfluere,” meaning “flowing around.” It combines the prefix “circum,” meaning “around,” with “fluere,” meaning “to flow.”

Did you Know?

“Circumfluent” describes things that flow around, or flow in a surrounding manner, and can be used to describe anything that flows. Usually it’s applied to air and water, but it can also describe land, or geographical features that seem to flow. For example, “The circumfluent forest surrounded the hunting lodge.” Traditionally, the term was defined more broadly. In its original sense, “circumfluent” also applied to metaphorically flowing things, such as virtue or religious observance.

illustration Circumfluent

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