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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: English, 20th century


That surrounds, or revolves around a star.

Examples of Circumstellar in a sentence

"In astronomy, the area around a star that can support liquid — and therefore life — is called the circumstellar habitable zone."

"The sun is a yellow dwarf star, and the Earth is in circumstellar orbit around it."

About Circumstellar

“Circumstellar” was formed in English in the 20th century by combining the prefix “circum-,” meaning “around,” and “stellar,” meaning “related to stars.”

Did you Know?

Circumstellar disks are pancake-shaped rings of dust, gas, asteroids, and other matter that rotate around stars. These disks are created as stars are formed, and after a star appears, the circumstellar disk around it contains dust and gas the star can absorb and build upon as it grows. Though circumstellar disks surround stars, the materials they contain are distinctive. The matter floating in circumstellar disks around younger stars offers building blocks for future potential planets.

illustration Circumstellar

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