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Friday, April 12



Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek


An inability or refusal to get out of bed


A fixation on sleep that's excessive or even obsessive

Examples of Clinomania in a sentence

"Ever the clinomaniac, she was late to work yet again."

"If you think regular old drowsiness is bad, be grateful you don't have clinomania."

About Clinomania

Does your bed feel infinitely cozier when your alarm goes off than it does when you're trying to fall asleep? Does your ideal weekend consist of little more than lounging on said bed? If so, you might have clinomania — a refusal to get out of bed in the morning that verges on obsession.

Did you Know?

The first part of clinomania comes from the Ancient Greek klínō, which originally meant "to lean" and now covers everything from a slope to the actual act of reclining.

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