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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: French, late 14th century


Containing or presenting the essential facts of something in a comprehensive but concise way.

Examples of Compendious in a sentence

"Jared’s compendious recitation of archaic literature impressed his professors."

"The book was a compendious study of film history. "

About Compendious

This word stems from the Old French “compendieux,” from the Latin “compendiosus,” which means “advantageous, brief.”

Did you Know?

R.D. Trivedi’s 888-page “A Compendious History of English Literature” was published in India in 1976. The literature in it ranges from the Anglo-Saxon period to the 20th century. The volume is used by many Indian students to gain a better grasp on the literature and history of the English language.

illustration Compendious

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