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Part of speech: noun

Origin: English, 20th century


A fully functional but artificially created language


An imaginary language that has entered real-world use

Examples of Conlang in a sentence

"There have been many conlangs created throughout history, but few have caught on with wider audiences."

"My sister and I once created a bit of a conlang we used to keep secrets from our parents."

About Conlang

The conlang of Esperanto was developed in the 1880s by L.L. Zamenhof. It was designed to be an international language that would foster peace and greater understanding among people and governments worldwide. While it didn't catch on quite as Zamenhof hoped, it continues to grow and be spoken among niche groups today.

Did you Know?

Conlang is actually a portmanteau, a word made from combining multiple words, of "constructed language."

illustration Conlang

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