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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Italian, 18th century


A scholarly social gathering held for discussion of literature and the arts.

Examples of Conversazione in a sentence

"The library hosted a lively conversazione about the works of Toni Morrison, led by scholars of her writing."

"At this month’s conversazione, an art professor led a discussion on the rivalry between Picasso and Matisse."

About Conversazione

“Conversazione” is taken directly from the Italian, where it means “conversation.”

Did you Know?

The term “conversazione” entered English thanks to British writer Horace Walpole, who wrote to friends in England to describe the Italian custom of first watching a play and then holding an assembly to discuss the play, a practice Walpole described by its Italian name. Over time, the term began to refer to gatherings held for the purpose of intellectual discussion about literature, arts, and sciences. In England’s Victorian era, conversaziones became a key route by which the public learned of new scientific developments and knowledge. At these forums, experts would conduct experiments, demonstrations, and exhibitions while giving lectures and taking questions from the audience.

illustration Conversazione

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