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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, early 19th century


A thing to be corrected, typically an error in a printed book.

Examples of Corrigendum in a sentence

"The editor issued a corrigendum for the incorrect date in the final copy."

"The small typo didn’t merit a corrigendum, but the newspaper still received emails with a correction."

About Corrigendum

Corrigendum originates from the Latin word “corrigere,” which means to “bring into order.”

Did you Know?

Books go through a lengthy process to get to publication. Part of that process involves Advance Readers Copies (ARC), which are printed copies of books used for promotional purposes. Not only are ARCs distributed with bloggers, reviewers, and PR in order to create some buzz; it is also a way for authors, editors, and publishers to evaluate their work for corrigendums before the book is finally published.

illustration Corrigendum

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