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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Irish, 1970s


Enjoyable social activity.


A good time.

Examples of Craic in a sentence

"Tim's birthday was such a good craic."

"My neighbors are always up for a craic and a laugh."

About Craic

Craic is an Irish Gaelic word that developed in the 1970s. It originated from the English and Scots word "crack" (which is often used to indicate having a good time).

Did you Know?

While you'll hear mostly English in Ireland, a lot of people also speak Irish, or Gaelic. "Craic" means a good time, but you might also hear "fáilte," or welcome, "grá," for love, and "saoirse," for freedom. Fair warning: Don't try to pronounce any of these words with English phonetics.

illustration Craic

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