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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: U.S. English, 1996


(humorous) Acceptable or adequate.

Examples of Cromulent in a sentence

"Plain yogurt is a perfectly cromulent snack."

"You'll find the rooms to be cromulent, if not luxurious."

About Cromulent

Cromulent, meaning adequate, first appeared in a 1996 episode of "The Simpsons." While it started off as a challenge to the show's writers to coin a new word, it has been adopted into popular culture and the accepted lexicon. When you want to use an impressive word to describe something utterly fine, pull out cromulent.

Did you Know?

A nonce word is one that is created especially for a certain situation. Cromulent and embiggen are two such words, created by "The Simpsons" writers. In a 1996 episode, Lisa challenges the word "embiggen," heard in a school lesson. The teacher replies, "It's a perfectly cromulent word." Now you can find both cromulent and embiggen in many modern dictionaries.

illustration Cromulent

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