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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 14th century


Deserving blame.

Examples of Culpable in a sentence

"The little boy’s mother knew he was culpable for eating the last cookie because of the crumbs on his mouth. "

"All the evidence proved she was culpable for the accident. "

About Culpable

Culpable comes from the Latin "culpa," meaning "blame, fault."

Did you Know?

The word "culpable" has been through a few iterations to get to its modern spelling. In Latin, "culpare" is the verb "to blame," and "culpa" is the noun for "guilt." The Old French word "coupable" came from the Latin word "culpabilis," and that's where the Middle English word "coupable" came from. Over time, the adjective meaning "deserving blame" turned into the spelling of "culpable," harkening back to the original Latin.

illustration Culpable

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