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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, mid 19th century


A single-serving cup of black coffee


A cup used specifically to serve a small serving of espresso or Turkish coffee

Examples of Demitasse in a sentence

"The man sipped from his demitasse in the corner of the cafe, looking every bit the artistic Frenchman."

"I slipped and broke a demitasse on my first day as a barista, but, fortunately, my new boss was forgiving."

About Demitasse

The prefix demi- appears throughout the English language, and it technically means "half." A demigod is a half-god, for example, and thus a demitasse is a half cup.

Did you Know?

Demitasse is a word borrowed directly from French, combining the French word for half (demi) and the word for cup (tasse).

illustration Demitasse

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