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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 14th century


The practice of foretelling the future by supernatural means


An especially strong sense of intuition or perception

Examples of Divination in a sentence

"The fortune teller was known for her divination skills, using tea leaves and tarot cards."

"His mother’s divination was so reliable that he always trusted her advice."

About Divination

Fortune telling is a form of divination. Practicers of divination claim to be able to predict the future by tapping into supernatural elements. Your grandmother may claim to have the second sight, you could play with a Ouija board, or you could go get your tarot cards read by a psychic — all forms of divination.

Did you Know?

Practices of divination can be found in almost every culture. Witches, shamans, fortune tellers, oracles, seers, and prophets claim to predict the future using rituals of divination. Whether you believe in their abilities to tap into the supernatural is up to you.

illustration Divination

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