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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, late 19th century


Something which mitigates or removes grief.

Examples of Dolorifuge in a sentence

"After his team lost the World Series, the star pitcher took up mountain climbing as a dolorifuge."

"After I suffered my first breakup, my mom introduced me to the dolorifuge of ice cream and bad TV."

About Dolorifuge

“Dolorifuge” is formed by combining the Latin “dolor,” meaning “pain,” with the English suffix “-fuge,” related to the Latin “-fugus,” describing a noun that removes or dispels something.

Did you Know?

Virtually every person suffers a broken heart at some point in life, and it’s important to take time to grieve these feelings. One way to do that is to turn to a dolorifuge — a fresh source of pleasure that distracts from grief. What makes a dolorifuge successful is how much it engages the sufferer and provides them a break from their woes. Many find physical activity, exercise, and mental challenges a powerful salve for a broken heart, while others find a dolorifuge in socializing, and still others recharge by staying home and engaging in comfort activities such as reading books or playing video games.

illustration Dolorifuge

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