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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, early 19th century


The theory and practice of dramatic composition.

Examples of Dramaturgy in a sentence

"The style of 20th-century dramaturgy is very different from classical theater."

"I prefer the nuance of stage dramaturgy over anything you might see on television."

About Dramaturgy

Dramaturgy is the practice of taking a story and bringing it to life with dramatic elements. It could be through a play, a musical, even a modern film or streaming TV show. If actors are portraying the story, then you're watching dramaturgy.

Did you Know?

Sometimes a book is turned into a play or movie through dramaturgy, but it also can be the other way around. "Peter Pan" was a play first; J.M. Barrie capitalized on the success of the 1904 play with a novel in 1911, called "Peter and Wendy."

illustration Dramaturgy

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