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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, late 16th century


The action of bubbling or boiling.


A sudden outburst of emotion or violence.

Examples of Ebullition in a sentence

"The professor asked lab students to heat hydrochloric acid to its ebullition point."

"When I got my college acceptance letter, I had an ebullition of tears of joy."

About Ebullition

“Ebullition” is based on the Latin “ēbullītiō,” meaning “bubbling up.”

Did you Know?

Making candy at home requires close attention to the temperature of ebullition. Most candies begin as sugar syrups, which are then boiled to precise temperatures in order to achieve certain characteristics of clarity versus cloudiness, or hardness versus chewiness. High-temperature ebullition is necessary to turn sugar syrup into hard candy, and it requires a gentle touch, since boiling sugar syrup risks splashing back at the chef.

illustration Ebullition

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