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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, early 19th century


Relating to or given to eating.

Examples of Edacious in a sentence

"Her priority was planning the edacious elements of the party."

"She knew her edacious uncle would eat at least twice as much as any other guest."

About Edacious

This foodie adjective comes from the Latin word "edax" ("gluttonous"), coming from the verb "edere," which means "to eat." "Edacious" initially meant anything related to eating, but it evolved to specifically imply a voracious appetite.

Did you Know?

If "edacious" is an adjective to describe the insatiable quality of a hunger, then "edacity" is the noun given to that particular desire. English language construction rules give us a few options to apply to Latin roots. A word ending in "-ious" will most likely be an adjective, and "-ity" words will be your nouns.

illustration Edacious

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