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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Latin, 16th century


The flowing out of a particular substance or particle.

Examples of Efflux in a sentence

"The efflux of the runoff from the melting snow left the grass soft and muddy."

"The lake is fed by the efflux of underwater springs."

About Efflux

“Efflux” is based on the medieval Latin “effluxus,” meaning “flow out.”

Did you Know?

While atmospheric carbon is most closely associated with human-made causes, there is also an efflux of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from natural sources. Volcanoes and wildfires contribute enormously to the natural efflux of carbon dioxide. Perhaps more surprisingly, so do large bodies of water: Lakes release C02, but freshwater rivers and streams release roughly five times as much C02 as freshwater lakes. This efflux is partly caused by a process called “ecosystem respiration,” in which organisms and plants consume oxygen and emit carbon dioxide.

illustration Efflux

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