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Wednesday, December 11



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, mid-18th century


Glowing with a radiant light


Shining as if coming from a light

Examples of Effulgent in a sentence

"The spotlight shot its effulgent beam right to the middle of the stage."

"Their effulgent glances revealed the depth of their newfound love."

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About Effulgent

This shining adjective can refer to a literal glow of light, or it can be more figurative. Think of beaming happiness, or an effulgent personality that radiates kindness.

Did you Know?

"Effulgent" is one of those adjectives that can also transform into other parts of speech. "Effulgent" is the noun, meaning a quality of brilliance. "Effulgently" is the adverb, and "uneffulgent" is the exact opposite of glowing beauty.

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