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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, 17th century


A proposal to resolve disputes and reconcile differences in order to advance peace, strengthen or establish unity, or foster solidarity.

Examples of Eirenicon in a sentence

"My mother eased the standoff between my sisters by making an eirenicon for everyone to wait an hour before coming back to the dinner table to resolve their differences with cooler heads."

"The local offices used to compete for bonuses until the manager offered an eirenicon to combine goals, resulting in better performance from everyone."

About Eirenicon

“Eirenicon” comes from the ancient Greek “eirēnikón,” suggesting “to create peace.”

Did you Know?

An eirenicon is a proposal to resolve and reconcile problems in order to achieve peace, unity, and solidarity. The key to finding such harmony is in working out how disputing parties might coexist peacefully. An obvious example of a real-world eirenicon would be powerful world leaders coming together to negotiate a peace treaty. However, the term “eirenicon” can be applied in negotiations across all manner of disputes, from workplace dramas to sibling squabbles. They all deserve a peaceful resolution.

illustration Eirenicon

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