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Thursday, August 22



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Medieval Latin, late 16th century


Of or relating to charity or donations


Supported by charitable giving

Examples of Eleemosynary in a sentence

"Her generous eleemosynary pursuits fully funded a new animal shelter."

"The eleemosynary organization relies on donations to stay in business."

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About Eleemosynary

The world's largest charity as of 2019 is United Way, with over $3.92 billion in charitable revenue during 2018 alone. The eleemosynary organization works across the globe on a variety of endeavors related to health, education, and income.

Did you Know?

Eleemosynary is a long, formal word, but it's related to a shorter, more common word: alms. Early English speakers were wise enough to shorten its Latin root, eleemosyna, to something much simpler.

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