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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Greek, 17th century


Serve as a symbolic representation of (a quality or concept)

Examples of Emblematize in a sentence

"The spectacle of the Super Bowl emblematizes the intensity of America’s love of football."

"Singer Lizzo emblematizes a new generation of women who love their bodies in all sizes."

About Emblematize

“Emblematize” was coined as a verb after the word “emblematist,” a 17th-century term for a person who drew or painted emblems.

Did you Know?

“Emblem” itself comes from the Latin “emblema,” referring to an inlaid work or a raised ornament used to represent a grander idea than could be shown pictorially. For example, the national flag of France is an emblem that could represent the country and its people in a variety of contexts. Likewise, religious emblems represent complex beliefs, traditions, and histories. To “emblematize” means to stand for something in the way an emblem stands for an abstract idea.

illustration Emblematize

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