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Tuesday, April 13



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


Fit to be eaten; edible.


A thing, especially a vegetable, which is fit to be eaten.

Examples of Esculent in a sentence

"The puppy sniffed the food to determine whether it was esculent."

"The community garden grew eggplants, stringbeans, and an assortment of other esculents."

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About Esculent

Esculent developed from the Latin word “esculentus,” which is derived from the words “esca” (food) and “esse” (eat).

Did you Know?

If you’re interested in finding your own food in the forests and wild places near your home, it may be time to join a foraging group. Foraging groups meet everywhere from local neighborhood parks to Central Park, and focus on finding esculent berries, mushrooms, and plant life.

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