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Part of speech: noun

Origin: English, 20th century


Moderate or normal psychological stress, interpreted as being beneficial.

Examples of Eustress in a sentence

"The challenge of my new job was stimulating and left me in a state of eustress."

"During my college days, I always thrived under the eustress of finals season."

About Eustress

“Eustress” was formed in English by adding the prefix “eu-” (meaning “good”) to the word “stress.”

Did you Know?

“Eustress” was a term coined in the 1960s by psychologists exploring the phenomenon of stress. Stress is often experienced as a negative state, so most people were already familiar with the term “distress,” suggesting discomfort, alarm, or suffering, often associated with the threat of danger. As a counterpoint, psychologists suggested the term “eustress” to describe a response to stress that is not distressing, but rather motivating and provoking happiness. For example, a world-class baseball pitcher taking the field in the World Series may well feel stress, but it is likely a stress associated with a task he feels capable of accomplishing to the best of his impressive ability. As a result, he feels eustress — excitement about and focus on what he is potentially about to accomplish — rather than distress.

illustration Eustress

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