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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, early 20th century


(Archaic) A bundle.

Examples of Fardel in a sentence

"The men carried fardels of sticks to start a campfire."

"The couple had a fardel of stories about their adventures together."

About Fardel

This word comes from the Old French “fardel,” meaning "parcel, package, small pack." It is a diminutive of “farde,” which the Oxford English Dictionary says is "cognate with" (others say "from") Spanish “fardo,” meaning "pack, bundle." This is said to be from the Arabic “fardah,” meaning "package."

Did you Know?

Fardel is also the name of a historic manor located in the southwestern corner of England in the parish of Cornwood. It was successively the seat of the Raleigh and Hele families. This medieval home was also linked to Sir Walter Raleigh and Pocahontas. It was for sale in 2018, and the property came with its own chapel and lordship.

illustration Fardel

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