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Part of speech: verb

Origin: Latin, 17th century



Examples of Felicitate in a sentence

"We wanted to be the first to felicitate our niece on her spelling-bee victory."

"The CEO felicitated me for leading my division to record profits in the past year."

About Felicitate

“Felicitate” is based on the Latin “felicitatus,” meaning “to make happy,” from the Latin “fēlīx” (meaning “happy”).

Did you Know?

“Felicitate” is often thought of as a pure synonym for “congratulate,” though the term is more complicated than that. In order to understand it best, it helps to look at the Latin root “felicitatus,” meaning “to make happy.” More than simply offering congratulations, a person who felicitates is celebrating another’s happiness, or wishing joy upon that person. To felicitate suggests congratulating in a way that makes it clear the person has earned the right to happiness.

illustration Felicitate

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