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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Late Middle English, 1300s




Make or repair (something).

Examples of Fettle in a sentence

"Despite being over a decade old, the biplane remained in fine fettle."

"Since Mark had experience with repairing manual vehicles, he was put in charge of fettling the old Chevy."

About Fettle

While the word fettle developed as a verb meaning “to prepare oneself or get ready” in Late Middle English, it originated from the Old English word “fetel” (strip of material) and the Germanic word “fessel” (chain, band).

Did you Know?

Old vehicles displayed in museums and in classic shows seem to naturally remain in fine fettle, but a lot of care goes into maintaining their condition. Vehicles are often already donated or loaned in relatively pristine conditions, and staff determine whether it should be cleaned or kept in its original state. Workers also follow meticulous instructions from experts to keep cars gleaming.

illustration Fettle

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