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Part of speech: noun

Origin: British English, early 20th century


A fair consisting of rides, sideshows, and other amusements.

Examples of Funfair in a sentence

"My favorite childhood memories are from the funfair."

"The school is holding a charity funfair next weekend."

About Funfair

Funfair is a British English term for a fair with rides, games, and other amusements. You might also call it a carnival, bazaar, festival, midway, or just a fair. In Australia it's called a sideshow alley, and in Germany it's a "volkfest."

Did you Know?

Modern funfairs got their start with the Great Exhibitions held in London's Hyde Park in the mid-1800s. Prince Albert commissioned a massive structure, called the Crystal Palace, in which to showcase Great Britain's scientific, technical, and artistic advancements.

illustration Funfair

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