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Monday, March 9



Part of speech: verb

Origin: Italian, early 16th century


Run or jump about playfully.


(British English) Do a forward roll.

Examples of Gambol in a sentence

"I love watching the squirrels gambol and play when I take my lunch in the park."

"The gymnastics routine included a gambol and two cartwheels."

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About Gambol

Gambol can be used as both a verb and a noun. As a verb you’re skipping and frisking about, without a care in the world. When you want to give a name to those movements, gambol is used as a noun. The same verb/noun distinction applies to the British sense of gambol, which concerns a forward roll.

Did you Know?

The French word “gambade” originally meant the frolicking prances of a horse. When gambol moved over to English, the playful jumps were applied to humans and equines alike.

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