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Part of speech: noun

Origin: French, late 15th century


A set of decorative accessories, in particular vases.

Examples of Garniture in a sentence

"Mabel decorated her living room around the antique garniture."

"The matching, ornate candelabras were eye-catching garniture."

About Garniture

This word is an alteration of the Old French noun “garnesture,” which is derived from the verb “garnir,” which meant "to warn, equip, or garnish."

Did you Know?

“Garniture” also appears in the culinary world and can easily be mistaken for “garnish.” In this sense, garniture consists of ingredients added to a dish during the cooking process, especially near the end. These ingredients become an integral part of the dish. Meanwhile, a garnish is an ingredient that serves as a finishing step because it is placed on top of the dish to provide texture and visual appeal, although it should also be edible.

illustration Garniture

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