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Monday, April 19



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Unknown, 1930s


(Humorous) Pleased, satisfied, and contented.

Examples of Gruntled in a sentence

"Despite Tom Sawyer continually annoying those around him, he always managed to keep his guardians gruntled."

"Mr. Robinson was appropriately gruntled after several cookies."

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About Gruntled

It is thought that “gruntled” developed from a 1930s back-formation (when a word is formed from an existing word) of the word “disgruntled” (to be angry or dissatisfied).

Did you Know?

While it can sometimes be hard to be satisfied with a decision as an indecisive person, psychologists have some suggestions for feeling gruntled. Justifying your decision and focusing on not changing your mind about a particular choice you’ve just made help you practice sticking by your decisions — and may just help you feel content about the choices you’ve made.

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