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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Middle English, 13th century


(American English) A men’s clothing retailer


(British English) A retailer for small sewing notions, such as buttons and needles

Examples of Haberdasher in a sentence

"A stop in at the haberdasher was necessary for him to replenish his summer wardrobe."

"The tailor and the haberdasher were located right next to each other, making for a perfect business arrangement."

About Haberdasher

"Haberdasher" is a fun word for a clothier that specializes in men’s items. If you don’t enjoy shopping, using a fanciful word might put you in a better attitude. If you can’t remember "haberdasher," try "boutique," "emporium," "showroom," or "repository."

Did you Know?

The modern usage of "haberdasher" means a retailer that sells all manner of men’s fashion, but in the past a haberdasher sold hats exclusively. If you were looking for a woman’s hat, you wouldn’t visit the haberdasher, but instead the milliner.

illustration Haberdasher

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