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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, late 17th century


An object of spiral or helical shape.


A surface formed by simultaneously moving a straight line along an axis and rotating it around it (like a screw thread).

Examples of Helicoid in a sentence

"The staircase built in the shape of a helicoid was the focal point of the ballroom."

"I always struggle with the helicoid portion of my geometry homework."

About Helicoid

The thread on a screw is a perfect example of a helicoid. It's a shape formed by moving a straight line along an axis as it turns. You can find human-made helicoids, such as a spiral staircase, but there are many examples of helicoids in the natural world, too.

Did you Know?

Visit the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan and you'll find yourself inside a helicoid. The works of art are on display in galleries that shoot off of a massive spiral-shaped ramp. You can view the helicoid from either the inside or outside of the Guggenheim.

illustration Helicoid

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