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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Unknown, 16th century


Chaotic and disorganized


Conducted with a secret or clandestine nature

Examples of Hugger-mugger in a sentence

"You could barely see the carpet in the hugger-mugger bedroom."

"His motives were unclear, but the hugger-mugger requests were suspicious."

About Hugger-mugger

The origin of "hugger-mugger" is unknown, but there are guesses tying it to the Middle English word "mukre," meaning to hoard or conceal. It’s not an incredibly well-known word, but if you start incorporating it into your vocabulary to describe any kind of chaotic or secretive situation, it’s sure to catch on again.

Did you Know?

"Hugger-mugger" can be used as an adjective, such as the definitions given here. It can also be a noun, with similar definitions to the adjective. A situation would be a hugger-mugger, rather than being described as hugger-mugger. You can even use this rhyming word as a verb, when you are keeping something concealed.

illustration Hugger-mugger

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