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Saturday, April 17



Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, mid 17th century


(Zoology) Having a glassy, translucent appearance.


(Literary) A thing that is clear and translucent like glass, especially a smooth sea or a clear sky.

Examples of Hyaline in a sentence

"Thanks to the glass frog’s hyaline skin, we could easily see its organs at work."

"The airplane dipped, spun, and soared through the hyaline."

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About Hyaline

Hyaline developed from the Latin words “hyalinus” and “hyalin,” which come from the Greek words “hualinos” or “hualos” (glass).

Did you Know?

Jellyfish, possibly one of the world’s most recognizably hyaline organisms, are not fish. Instead, they are very simple invertebrates that are not only 95% water, but lack internal organs beyond a “nerve net” nervous system. These attributes help give jellyfish their ethereal, translucent appearance.

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