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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Latin, 17th century


Involved or intricate.


Curled spirally.

Examples of Involute in a sentence

"The professor offered an involute explanation of the roots of World War I that many students struggled to follow."

"One of the great hurdles of learning coding is grasping the involute new vocabularies of programming languages."

About Involute

“Involute” is based on the Latin “involutus,” meaning “enveloped.”

Did you Know?

The common use for “involute” describes things that are involved, intricate, and complex. But “involute” is also a vocabulary word in botany, where it describes the state of leaves that curl up and inward onto themselves — such as when leaves roll into spirals. In other areas of biology, “involute” describes the complex whorl patterns visible in marine shells, such as the mollusks nautilus and spirula, and the shells of some snails that live on land.

illustration Involute

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