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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Greek, 19th century


Equal citizenship rights, and mutual political rights, across different communities

Examples of Isopolity in a sentence

"Our town encouraged modern values of isopolity by offering free parking for cars with licenses from neighboring states."

"A current example of isopolity is the European Union, in which citizens of one country mutually share rights enjoyed by citizens of other member nations."

About Isopolity

“Isopolity” is based on the Greek expression “ἰσοπολῑτεία” (“isopoliteia”), referring to a citizen who has a reciprocal right.

Did you Know?

As a political idea, “isopolity” emerged from the city-states of ancient Greece during the Hellenistic period, between 323 BCE and roughly 30 BCE. These states were ruled by citizens rather than kings or emperors, and they developed “isopolity” treaties offering equal citizenship rights between kindred communities. “Isopolity” usually referred to two-way citizenship between two friendly nation-states, where a person from one state did not need to participate in the political life of the second state to which they were a citizen. Still, male citizens from one nation state could marry women, or own land, in another state that they shared isopolity with.

illustration Isopolity

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