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Part of speech: noun

Origin: Scottish, 19th century


A commotion or noise


A chaotic scene caused by an altercation

Examples of Kerfuffle in a sentence

"Once the fight broke out, I lost my watch in the ensuing kerfuffle."

"An argument over a boyfriend caused quite a kerfuffle in the high school cafeteria."

About Kerfuffle

More than a mere kerfuffle, but not quite an epic saga, the Anglo–Zanzibar War of 1896 is the shortest recorded war in history. While its duration has been the subject of debate, historians generally say it lasted only 38 minutes.

Did you Know?

Kerfuffle is just one of many funny-sounding words to describe a noisy commotion. Others include brouhaha, hubbub, skirmish, and hullabaloo.

illustration Kerfuffle

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