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Part of speech: adjective

Origin: Old English, pre-13th century


Similar in kind; related.

Examples of Kindred in a sentence

"When I saw how enthusiastically Joan cheered for the Blue Jays, I knew she was a kindred fan."

"Lali spent all weekend at the record fair with kindred collectors, everyone buying and trading rare LPs."

About Kindred

“Kindred” is based on the word “kin,” which entered Old English from the Germanic “cyn,” indicating kind or stock. The suffix “-red” developed out of the Old English “rǣden,” meaning “condition.”

Did you Know?

The most popular modern use for the word “kindred” is as part of the expression “kindred spirit,” with a basic definition of, “a person whose interests or attitudes are similar to one's own.” However, “kindred spirit” often refers to those people with whom one shares not only interests and attitudes, but also a feeling of profound connection. This feeling need not be limited to people. Sometimes a person in a close relationship with a pet may describe that animal as a “kindred spirit” to indicate a deep affection that transcends species.

illustration Kindred

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